supporting your spirit

Kohenet Sarah Tziporah offers

  • personalized rituals
  • spiritual consultation
  • life-cycle officiation

services in California and online.

Weddings, rites of passage, pregnancy and baby ceremonies, illness, and death and mourning rituals can all be tailored to you and your family’s needs. She creates alternative personal passage rituals to help you walk through any new portal in your life, including birthdays, b’nai mitzvot, menstrual events, surgeries, sexual and gender transformations, and partnering and uncoupling ceremonies.

She also provides one-on-one spiritual coaching online and around the world to support you in developing your personal practice or bringing spirituality into your family, including working with children of all ages. To inquire about one-on-one spiritual coaching sessions, please visit the Contact//Ritual Request page and tell me more about what you seek.

Kohenet Sarah Tziporah caters her work to each participant and is committed to providing inclusive, personalized, and effective support. Please visit the Contact//Ritual Request page to get started!